Science and Engineering Area

Alabama Robotics Competition: Schedule

The following represents the tentative schedule of the contest. Family members and teachers of participants are welcome to attend the opening discussion, competition rounds, and awards presentation.


  • Check-in
  • Setup computer
  • Collect T-shirt and Registration Materials


  • Lunch
  • Explanation of Rules
  • Keynote Speaker

Approximately Noon-2:30pm (contest will end at 2:30pm regardless of start time)

  • Robotics Contest
  • Visitors can watch the contest live from the floor, or on a projected screen in the main contest area


  • Break
  • Snack Period
  • Time to load computers for transport


  • Awards Presentation

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Ricks



Robots aren’t just for Earth


Dr. Kenneth Ricks is an Associate Professor and the Assistant Department Head in the UA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His focus is Computer Engineering with specific emphasis on robotics, and he is currently the Faculty Advisor for the four-time national champion Alabama Astrobotics Team. Before joining UA, Dr. Ricks worked for NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.