Science and Engineering Area

Alabama Computer Science Summer Camp: Tuition/Fees

For the 2018 camp season, we are happy to start back our middle school camp (which was suspended in 2016 and 2017 - we were training a lot of high shcool teachers all over the nation with the College Board, and ran our of weeks in the summer!). The summary details are below, followed by specific tuition and fee information.


The only pre-requisites for the camp are skills for general computer use (e.g., using Windows Explorer to copy files). No prior programming experience is required. In fact, if you consider yourself already an experienced programmer, our camps are probably not for you (but we do mentor students on science fair projects who have deep experience already).

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In past years, we received cancellations up to the night before the first day of camp, which deprived students on the waitlist from attending; this also represents a real cost to us (particularly for those who have a dormitory reservation). Cancellations received up to 6 weeks before the start date will receive 100% of the refund. Cancellations received between 3 to 6 weeks before the start date will receive a 50% refund. A cancellation within 3 weeks before the first day of camp will not be eligible for a refund. Any student who leaves a camp for reasons other than an emergency will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds may take 2-4 weeks for processing.

Middle School: Commuting Students

Ages: Rising 7th-9th graders

All middle school campers must be commuter students. We will not provide dormitory options for those attending the middle school camp. Those from outside the Tuscaloosa area who have relatives, or whose parents are willing to stay in a hotel with their child, are welcome to also apply for the middle school camp. In some cases, rising 10th graders may also be permited to attend the middle school camps if it is determined that the content of the middle school camp would help with preparation for the high school camps.

High School: Commuting Students

Ages: Rising 10th-12th graders

Students who live near Tuscaloosa may participate as commuting students.

  • Students who have their own car may receive a parking decal ($10 per week).
  • Parents or guardians who drive a student to campus may drop-off the student between 8:45am-9:00am, and pick-up their student at 3:30pm.
  • The fees for each week for a commuting student include lunch during each of the 5 days of camp.
  • Commuter-students are also invited to attend the evening events (e.g., Thursday nigh pool party at the outdoor rec center).
  • The scheduled commuter-student fee for the 2018 Summer Computer Camps is: $350 (no rise in cost from 2017)

High School: Dorm Students


Ages: Rising 10th-12th graders

Those who desire to attend the high school camps, but live too far from Tuscaloosa to commute, may participate by living in our dormitories during the weeks of camp. Most of the participants in our camps stay in our dorms during the period of their visit.

  • Dorm-students will arrive a day prior to the start of camp. We ask students to arrive on the afternoon of Sunday, June 24, 2018.
  • Students will be housed in our new dormitories. These dorms typically have four private bedrooms that are shared within a common suite. Linens are not provided.
  • Both male and female University of Alabama camp staff members will be living on-site to assist students with any needs.
  • The fees for each week for a dorm-student include 5 nights of lodging (Sunday night through Friday afternoon) and 3 meals per day (except for Sunday and Friday of each week; there are no meals on Sunday, and only breakfast/lunch on Friday).
  • All students living in the dorms must remain on campus unless a counselor accompanies them to a local area (e.g., grocery store). All campers must check in and out of the dormitory and travel with a partner whenever they leave the dormitory area.
  • Strict enforcement of a quiet time will be observed after 11pm in the evenings.
  • Special social activities will be planned in the evenings for dorm students (e.g., Thursday night pool party at the outdoor rec center).
  • Students who drive their car to camp must leave their car parked in the dormitory lot during the duration of camp (unless for an emergency reason). Campers are not allowed to drive throughout the week after arriving onto campus.
  • Those students flying into Birmingham International Airport (BHM) may either select a taxi or an airport shuttle service for transportation to campus. The distance between the airport and campus is approximately 60 miles. We are not responsible for travel from the airport, but we can help to coordinate shared rides.
  • The scheduled dorm-student fees for the 2018 Summer Computer Camps are: $600