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2017 Alabama Summer Computer Camps

The University of Alabama Department of Computer Science within the College of Engineering has hosted a series of Computer Science camps each summer. A week-long middle school camp has been offered commuting campers and two weeks of camps (commuter or residential dorm) were available for high school students. Students are taught multiple topics of Computer Science while learning to program a computer in several exciting contexts (e.g., game programming and robotics at the middle school camps; and Java, robotics control and smartphone apps at the high school camps). The Computer Science camps are taught in a manner that encourages self-exploration across multiple projects.

UPDATE - 2017 Camp Information:

*** We will be offering a high school "Java Bootcamp" during the week of July 9-15, 2017. Please check back here for registration details (or write to to be added to the mailing list).


Important Dates

Below are the topics covered in each of the camps:

Other Events in the Department: 2017 Robotics Competition

On April 8, 2017, the Department of Computer Science will host our aAnnial robotics competition for all Alabama schools across all grade levels. More information about the 2016 Robotics Competition is available here.


We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors for providing support to the Summer Camps:

Pearson-Education National Science Foundation