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2016 Alabama Robotics Competition

In the 2016 contest, there were 42 teams participating from 30 different schools (155 overall students competing and over 250 parents/teachers attending).

Below are several links and information about the 2016 event.

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Award Recipients

The award winners received a textbook from Pearson, a gift card to Best Buy, and a trophy. The following teams and participants received awards at the 2016 event.

Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Volunteers and Organizers

The volunteers and organizers of the 2016 event were:

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nan Boden, Director of Engineering at Google

Technology as the Tool for

Changing the World for the Better

Dr. Nan Boden is a Director of Engineering at Google in Mountain View, CA, joining in 2013 to help develop Google’s next-generation data centers.

Nan formerly was the CEO of Myricom, a successful California Institute of Technology (Caltech) spin-off founded in 1994 that pioneered high-performance computer networking.  Over the years at Myricom, Nan migrated from the techie world into the business world, serving as Executive Vice President, CFO, a member of Myricom's Board of Directors, and then becoming CEO in 2010.

Nan earned her PhD and MS degrees in Computer Science from Caltech and her BS degree from the University of Alabama in Applied Mathematics.  Nan's PhD research in "Runtime Systems for Fine-Grain Multicomputers" led directly into her work at Myricom, where she wrote the software that controlled the company's first products.  With the goal of adding formal business education to her business experience, Nan completed her MBA at UCLA-Anderson in 2011.

In her current role at Google, Nan works at the strategic intersection of technology and business.

2016 Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors for providing support to the 2016 Robotics Contest: