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2015 Alabama Robotics Competition

In the 2015 contest, there were 55 teams participating from 42 different schools (230 overall students competing and over 350 parents/teachers/students attending).

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Award Recipients

The award winners received a textbook from Pearson, a gift card to Best Buy, and a trophy. The following teams and participants received awards at the 2015 event.

Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Volunteers and Organizers

The volunteers and organizers of the 2015 event were:

Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Shepherd, ABB Corporate Research

Robotics Programming for Grown Ups:

How to Grow from Hobbyist to Professional


At home, students can snap together a few commands in Lego Mindstorm’s visual language to program a robot. In the real world, life is not so simple. Before even starting to work, robot programmers need a detailed 3D model of the planned site. They have to understand the relevant manufacturing process in order to choose the appropriate robots from a multitude of options. Even after they write and test the program in the lab, they must completely re-calibrate it in the field. In this talk I'll walk students through an industrial programming approach, highlighting challenges, giving them insight into the skills necessary to thrive as an industrial automation engineer.


Dr. David C. Shepherd is a Senior Principal Scientist with ABB Corporate Research where he leads a group focused on improving developer productivity and increasing software quality. His background, including becoming employee number nine at a successful software tools spinoff and working extensively on popular open source projects has focused his research on bridging the gap between academic ideas and viable industrial tools. His main research interests to date have centered on software tools that improve developers search and navigation behavior.

Keynote Slides: Available here as PPTX (400MB with included videos).

2015 Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors for providing support to the 2015 Robotics Contest:

Pearson-EducationServo Magazine